Monday, March 31, 2008


Hello Everyone,
I'm Spike Gillespie-- author, journalist and blogger. This is my newest blog, dedicated to my life in quilts. I don't want to say my life "as a quilter" since, as the url says it so well, I am a sloppy quilter to put it mildly. However, I spend a lot of time seeking out and interviewing some of the best, most passionate, most amazing quilters out there. I profiled a number of these wonderful quilters for my first quilting book, Quilty As Charged: Undercover in the Material World.

Now I'm working on a new quilting book, Quilting Art, for Voyageur Press. I am so psyched about this opportunity. My boyfriend-- his code name in blogs is Warren-- is a photographer. So we're collaborating on the project. I'll be interviewing twenty or so innovative quilters and he's going to shoot the quilts (so to speak). Hoping to have this ready for IQF 2009.

I'll tell more about my quilting adventures in future posts. I'm eager to hear from quilters from all walks. While my focus is non-traditional quilts, art quilts, and stuff that really pushes the envelope, I also have a deep love for traditional quilts, which I happily sleep under every night with my Boston Terriers. Well, except when I'm at Warren's, where I sleep under the sloppy quilts I've made.

Please let me know who you are and what kind of quilts you most like working on. And, if you want to stay updated, you can subscribe to this blog.