Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Book, New New Book, Houston and Titty Tats

Wow, my life is SO CRAZY right now. So crazy. I just checked Amazon and the new quilt book-- Quilting Art-- is actually doing really well. Hooray! I haven't had a second to promote it since the next quilt book, Quilts Around the World, is due to the publisher on Thursday. I'm done with the writing but am still putting finishing touches on over 300 photo captions. Plus I started an AWESOME new job last week. Plus I have five little articles I have to wrap up by Friday. No, I am not sleeping.

I will be in Houston for IQF. I can only attend one day this year, Sunday, and I'll actually be giving a talk from 1 til 2. Not even sure which room-- the theater I think? Am trying to find out but the folks who run IQF are so busy running IQF they aren't emailing me. I totally understand. So I'm just going to show up on Sunday with my talk and a smile and hope it goes well. If you're there please stop by and say hello.

Meanwhile, despite all this busy-ness, I took some time to stop and write a love letter to my favorite knit shop. You can read the love letter here.

I hope you're all pumped for Houston. And I hope that you will kindly tell folks about Quilting Art-- there's more info about it as well as a link to order it in the post below this one.